CEO Office Hours

I'm in the trenches building real companies and I want to help others do the same. 

Think of me like your personal back-pocket CEO.

1 on 1 Advisory services helping you with category design, hiring, marketing, pricing and even M&A.

You know, the stuff you only learn on the job.


Who this is for.

And frankly, who it isn't for.

  • You're a high performer.
  • You're a current OR future CEO. Your current job title doesn't matter so much as your ambition and mindset.
  • You know that one nugget of wisdom can unlock massive growth.
  • You aren't looking for quick fixes and hacks. 
  • You're an entrepreneur (read: not wantrepreneur) who wants to build something meaningful.

I'm most valuable to people who are building real businesses!

I can't help you get to a 4 hour work week, but I can help you build the kind of company you'll never want to stop working on.


I'm Matt Bertulli

I've been an active, in-the-weeds founder-CEO for 15+ years.

I'm also not your typical CEO. I'm a category designer. 

I believe the very best businesses are different, not better.

Here's my business highlight reel (I'll keep it short):

I sold my first company to private equity after bootstrapping it to 100+ employees over 10 years.

I am presently the co-founder and CEO at two companies -- Pela Case + Lomi.  My team of 120+ operates at the intersection of waste innovation & consumer technology.

I'm also the co-host of a popular "consumer" focused Podcast called The Operators. We mostly talk about eCommerce and running larger (8+9 figure) companies.

I love helping entrepreneurs build companies others will envy.


Office Hours  


 I am not a coach. I advise and consult other entrepreneurs on their actual business, not just high-level mindset stuff.

I truly believe every dollar you invest in this will return more than 10x if you do the work.

Get on Wait List

I am pretty booked right now, but if you want on the wait list drop your details below.

How do I choose who to work with?

I have VERY limited time for 1on1 advisory services since I'm running my own companies.

If I have room, I'll email you and we can schedule time to get going. It's a really simple process to make your life (and mine) easier. 

Priority is given to longer term engagements as I believe we can do better work together beyond a 1 hour session.

It takes time to understand your business (you know this) so it's going to take time for me to help you level it up.  

Wait. Why am I even doing this?

Sometimes I get this question. Usually it goes something like "If you run such big successful companies why bother working 1on1 with other leaders at all?"

In full transparency, here's why I do this:

1. I LOVE to learn. And the best way to learn is to help others learn (teach).

2. Helping others feels good. I like to feel good and helping others is one of the best ways I know how!

3. I'll be doing this forever. This isn't work for's pure fun. I love playing the game of business.  So my operating companies might come and go, but this type of work will be a permanent part of my life.