No Competition

A bi-weekly newsletter on how to create a business that’s hard to compete with.

I'm an in-the-weeds founder/CEO sharing what I'm learning along the way.

Here's what you'll learn:

1 - Designing your business as a category of ONE.
2 - How to become a great CEO.
3 - Create marketing that scales profitably.
4 - Hire, train and retain world-class teams.

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My Companies (what I've built)

Lomi by Pela
Lomi the inventor of Smart Waste
Meet the world's first Smart WasteTM appliance.  
Lomi solves your daily food waste problem, making your family a team of planet saving heros.
Pela the worlds first compostable phone case
Pelacase the worlds first biodegradable phone case
The world's first biodegradable phone case.
Pela has a mission to keep 1 Billion pounds of waste from ever being made. Pela makes phone cases, sunglasses, and accessories.
Demac Media Canada's best eComm Agency
Demac Media acquired by Bounteous
Demac Media was started in 2008 and sold to Bounteous in 2018. Demac Media designed, built, and grew the largest eCommerce Brands in North America including Staples, Sleep Country, & Ardene

Why listen to me?

There's a LOT of talking heads on the internet.
99% have never built a single actual business.
Unlike them, I'm an actual builder.
I run two brands and have more than 100 + employees.
I started my first company Demac Media 15 + years ago and sold it in 2018 to private equity group. It had 100 + employees and facilitated over $1 Billion in online sales.
I boot strapped my first company, but I've also raised $30M+ in venture capital for my current companies.
So yah. I've done a bunch of stuff for long enough to feel less stupid (still learning though).
I'm an in-the-weeds operator just like you.

Three ways I can help

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"No Competition"
Bi-Weekly Newsletter

I like to write about actionable, real-world tips on building a business that's hard to compete with.

AKA - The real secret to business growth.

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"Fractional CFO and Finance Team"

I co-founded Output to help
eCommerce businesses with;

- CFO Services
- Accounting Team
- Procurement
- Contracts / Legal
- Automations

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Daily Quick Hits

I write and publish every day on Twitter. Give me a follow there if you want quick-hit type information.

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Matt's Book

In 2017, long before the Shopify gurus took over the internet, I wrote a book on eCommerce. I still think a lot of this makes up the essential building blocks for GREAT digital brand building.

This book contains step-by-step instructions to help you plan, build, and grow a profitable eCommerce business.

Anything, Anywhere will show you how I built platforms and marketing plans for some of the largest brands in North America, including my own brands I own & operate today.
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