Hi. I'm Matt.

I'm an active, in-the-weeds entrepreneur.
I love building companies that are hard to compete with.
Which basically means I'm obsessed with category creation.
I sold my first business to a private equity group and am building 2 more now.
I also write. Mostly on twitter to share what I'm learning.
Sometimes I help other entrepreneurs build great companies.
Once upon a time I also wrote a book on the future of retail. You can still get that on Amazon.

What I'm building right now.

Want to work with me?
It's rare, but I sometimes work with entrepreneurs 1 on 1.
I am actively running 2 companies, so I don't do this often. But...
I love to help entrepreneurs.
It’s some of the most enjoyable work I do.
I’m here to help you go from small business owner to entrepreneur to CEO.

I only work with 10 entrepreneurs at a time and right now there is no room for more.

If you want to jump on the wait list, there is a small form at the bottom of this page.

Drop your details below.

I sometimes write about marketing, category creation, copywriting and leadership.
By sometimes, I mostly mean when I have something valuable to share.